Nicole T. Dalton
Personal Injury Lawyer

Nicole T. Dalton
Personal Injury Lawyer

Automobile Accident & Injury Lawyers

Our Philosophy as Personal Injury Attorneys

Our job is to fight for our clients, taking on insurance companies and sophisticated defense lawyers and we also get to help and guide our valued clients with compassion and personal attention. Call us at 360-213-0013.

Being the victim of an injury or automobile accident caused by others is painful and difficult. Having a compassionate and tough lawyer makes a big difference.  You deserve fair and adequate compensation for your injuries. We are zealous in handling personal injury cases and we are not afraid to fight for you.

At the Dalton Law Office, PLLC, we have helped many people obtain excellent results in recovering damages for their injuries. If you have been injured, you deserve compassion and personal attention to help you through this difficult experience and that is exactly what you can expect from us.

This means that not only will we fight for the only compensation available, money for you, but we will also help you get connected with the resources you need to maximize your ability to recover and regain your health and life.

Our Approach to Defending the Rights of the Injured

When someone else causes an injury with their negligence or by breaking the rules, the law says that the other person has an obligation to compensate you for your losses.  Many people and business carry insurance just in case something like this happens.  We are not afraid to go after insurance companies or self-insured businesses and hold them accountable.    Our goal is to help our clients.

At the Dalton Law Office, PLLC, you are not just a number or a dollar sign.  You are a person with a life, family, job, community, and people who care about you and need you.  Our focus is on helping you get your life back.

First, we thoroughly investigate the circumstances of our clients’ injuries.  While we help make sure our client finds all available resources to start the healing process, we also identify the at fault parties and work to discover potential sources of coverage or compensation for our client.  We like to check in with our clients regularly to make sure the healing process is going smoothly.

Insurance companies know which lawyers will put up a fight and which lawyers will not.  With a lawyer who will put up a fight, insurance companies and their defense lawyers understand that they won’t get away with failing to compensate fairly for the losses caused by their clients’ negligence. We know you need fair compensation and we won’t stand for anything less.

Nicole Dalton has built her reputation in the Southwest Washington community as a fighter.  She is a trial lawyer and is not afraid to take on the insurance companies or their well-funded defense attorneys to get what you need.  While some lawyers like to add up pennies to tell you about dollars, we don’t have a big operation and volume is not our game.  We are a trusted, local firm with a reputation for fighting for our clients. Nicole Dalton is a veteran trial attorney and loves helping clients recover.  When we take your case, you get our help, our compassion and our fighting spirit.  We zealously go after big results to get you what you need and deserve.

Our Motivation

One of the things that motivates us as fighters is our empathy for our clients.  We know what it means to suffer from injuries in an accident.  Sometimes other people don’t understand.  When your back, neck, shoulders, head and arms ache, or things don’t work the way they are supposed to work, your whole life is affected.  Even worse, when you suffer grave or catastrophic injuries, your whole life may be turned upside down.  Because we have been down the road of recovering from real injuries, in our own lives, and with many clients, we know what you are going through, we care, and we are here to help.

Another thing that motivates us is doing justice and helping the “little guy” who is up against big insurance and the entrenched powers.  We have a system that mandates insurance coverage.  That seems fair because we don’t want people hurting other people and not paying for it.  The bad part is that these insurance companies are corporations out to make a profit and they don’t want to pay for the injuries caused by their insured customers.  They would rather fill their pockets and let hurt people suffer away with meager compensation.  We hate that thought and we are not afraid to go after insurance companies aggressively to get our clients what they need and deserve … not just a few pennies that will let the companies off the hook.


If you or someone you love has been hurt in an automobile collision, getting caring and compassionate help right away can make all the difference.  Don’t let insurance companies bully you into settling for less than your fair share.

We are here to help.  Call us anytime at 360-213-0013. For after hours or weekends, our cell phone number is on our answering machine. You can leave a message or text us and we will do our best to respond right away to urgent calls. At the Dalton Law Office, PLLC, our lawyers and staff understand the huge impact a personal injury can have on your life.   We are always willing to go the extra mile to keep your life intact.

Call us for a free initial consultation at (360) 213-0013.  If you need urgent advice, call this number and our after hours contact information is on our voicemail.