Automobile Accidents

Car, Truck, Motorcycle, & Bicycle Collisions With Injuries

If you are hurt in a collision, you aren’t just a number at the Dalton Law Office, PLLC. We understand that you are a real person who needs help, compassion and compensation.
Nicole T. Dalton
Personal Injury Lawyer

Call us at 360-213-0013 for your free consultation. In Washington State, we enjoy all the amazing places our state has to offer and we work hard, and that often means we do a lot of driving. We all know that driving on public roads means sometimes people get hurt when others don’t follow the rules.

Compensation is important and it is the ultimate goal of having representation when you are hurt. In the meantime, having a compassionate attorney and staff to guide you through an already difficult process can be invaluable. We strive to put our clients and their healing first.

The Dalton Law Office, PLLC is a local firm, focusing on helping real people in our community. We focus on helping people in the Southwest Washington area.  This means that if you are our client, you have an attorney watching out for you, talking with you personally and doing her best to make sure that your rights are respected and that you are treated fairly in a difficult system.

We care about getting good results for you.

Getting great help, right away, can make a huge difference in being able to effectively negotiate the path to having your needs met.  Insurance companies often make things really difficult because they don’t want to pay.  They try to coerce injured people who are not represented by a lawyer into taking really small amounts of compensation in settlement right away.  The problem with that is that the impacts of many injuries are not fully felt until weeks or months after the injury happens.

We work with our clients to optimize their understanding of the things that make in difference in building an effective case, and we work to help our clients prioritize their own healing and progress.  Whether you have a bothersome injury that interferes with your focus and ability to do the things you normally do or whether you have a grave injury that is likely to profoundly change the course of the rest of your life, we are here to help give you legal guidance, fight for you and optimize your chance for the best recovery possible.

We Know the Law & Strategies and How to Use them to Your Advantage

When you have an auto accident claim,it is important to have a lawyer with the experience, knowledge of the law, legal writing and courtroom skills to obtain great results.In the beginning stages, we know how to help you get the help you need and organize your case to lay the foundation for the best possible outcome.

Later on, if litigation becomes necessary, our lawyers have many years of experience litigating tort claims, drafting and arguing motions and handling cases in the stage where evidence is produced and interviews and depositions are taken.  Science is a big part of what is presented in personal injury cases in court these days.  We work to understand the issues and we have worked with numerous experts. We have successfully debunked bad science that opposing counsel will try to use to sway the jury.  We know how to question their experts, attack bad science, and optimize your chances for a strong recovery.

In pre-trial motions before the court, we have had success limiting insurance defense lawyers from presenting junk science and unqualified experts.  We know that the pre-trial fights about evidentiary matters can make a huge difference in the outcome.  Insurance defense lawyers know when a lawyer is skilled and ready to take on their evidence and fight them all the way. This is what we do.  We fight for the best of outcomes for our clients.

Negotiation and settlement strategies vary greatly, depending on the circumstances.  In some serious cases, settling as quickly as possible might be optimal, but in other cases, a quick settlement can lead to a huge lack of necessary information and poor results.  Our attorneys have years of experience dealing with different sorts of cases and are prepared to guide you down the right path, personally explaining the process, and making recommendations based on your needs and with a goal of optimizing your recovery.

The Dalton Law Office, PLLC, works hard to hold unsafe drivers and their insurance companies responsible for the pain and suffering and damages they cause.  Let us help put you first.

No Fee Unless We Win

In matters of personal injury and loss of life, we are usually willing to take cases on a contingency basis. This means you only have to pay us attorney’s fees if we obtain compensation for your injuries or loss.

We understand what it’s like to go through an accident and to have to deal with the ongoing pain.  We’re happy to stand up for you against powerful insurance companies and the other side.  We care about your health and comfort and want to give you a fighting chance. Don’t let aggressive insurance adjusters bully you into settling your case for less than you deserve.

Before signing documents, making admissions or statements about the collision and before accepting any offers of compensation from an insurance adjuster, get solid legal advice.

For your free consultation, call us now at 360-213-0013.