Divorce, Custody, and Family Law Matters

Deciding to divorce, or facing divorce, is never easy but it is usually needed and leads to a better life. Whether you are seeking or facing separation, divorce, looking to resolve custody issues or craft the terms of a formal relationship, you need advice and help from a family law attorney who puts you first.  Our family law litigation attorney has years of experience in the courtroom and the skills to get the results you and your children need and is also a very skilled negotiator.  We want what is best for our clients.  Creating or increasing conflict for no good reason is something we avoid.  Although we can’t always control when another party has a very combative attitude or lawyer, we will do our best to make the process as smooth as possible for you.  Whether the process is high conflict and emotional, or relatively smooth and based on agreement, we are here to facilitate the best possible outcome for you.

We are caring, compassionate and experienced trial lawyers, willing to go the extra mile for our clients and their children.

At the Dalton Law Office, we realize that navigating through issues related to divorce and custody can be overwhelming, emotional, and stressful.  Our family law team uses our experience and knowledge of the system to help you find and pursue the best options for you.  Where children are involved, we realize they are your priority and we will always help you to put the best interests of your children first.  Our divorce and family law team is dedicated to zealously representing the interests of our clients with compassion and integrity.

We Zealously Advocate for Our Clients’ and Their Children’s Needs with Hard Work, Strong Courtroom Skills and Compassion

At the Dalton Law Office, we know that strong writing, litigation and courtroom skills are extremely important in working to obtain the best possible results for our clients; just as important is a strong knowledge of the law.  Because the legal system can often be confusing and overwhelming, we work hard to give our clients the support they need to understand the process and options and work towards the best possible outcome for our clients and their children.  We are here to zealously advocate for your well-being and financial integrity, to look out for your interests in the long run, and to give you our honest opinions and help you create a solid plan for a smooth family transition.  Working closely with our clients, we zealously strive for the best possible results, while helping clients to understand the system and prepare for their changing family situation.  For our lawyers, it’s not about racking up the hours – it’s about serving our community and providing real help and guidance to people in need.

Whether you are in a marriage with two people who have grown apart, and need to amicably separate their financial and physical lives, or where the spouse has significant behavioral issues or other problems that create discord and the need to dissolve the partnership, we understand both types of cases and are here to help.  Part of our job is to look at the whole picture in light of current laws and help you to fully understand your options and choose what is best for you.

Our lawyers take a careful approach and diligently work to stay on top of changes in the law and local standards.  It takes experience to know how legal standards and rules are applied in practice.  Our lawyers know how to read between the lines, anticipate how the court will act or react and research the details that can make a real difference. Our lawyers work hard and go the extra mile to help you through a difficult time.  Part of going the extra mile is availability.  Our experienced legal support team is constantly available to really listen to you and help you with your needs – not just put you through to voice mail.  When you really need to speak with a lawyer, we make every effort to get you through to one of our lawyers right away.  If that means an after-hours appointment to deal with an emergency situation, we’ll go the extra mile to try meet your needs.

At the Dalton Law Office, we are well aware how emotionally difficult family law issues are for parties and for their children.  We know it’s important to ease your burden in these difficult times, and we will be here with the strength, compassion, and support you need and deserve.

At the Dalton Law Office, our lawyers have the knowledge, courtroom skills, work ethic, and compassion to help successfully see you through to the other side when issues involving family law arise in your life. At the Dalton Law Office, PLLC, our zealous and caring attorneys focus our practice on providing skilled and compassionate representation to all of our clients. For a personal consultation, call us at 360-213-0013. We’re here to help.