Divorce with No Children or Grown Children

Divorce can be a painful and stressful event even when minor children are not involved.  We strive to provide compassionate and detailed representation to make your life transition as smooth as possible.

At the Dalton Law Office we understand that divorce can be a stressful and difficult process, no matter how many people are involved.  We know that your future income, your property and your independence may all be at stake.  It takes knowledge, understanding of the system and laws, and experience to guide a person successfully through the process of undoing the financial and legal ties of a marriage.

Whether your case involves a simple and mutually cooperative approach, the complications of real estate and other assets, or difficult and contentious opposing parties, we are available to provide the detail-oriented and skilled representation you need.

Protecting your rights and helping you to navigate through the rough waters of emotional and financial stress and difficult or nasty opposing parties or attorneys is a task we take seriously.  Your peace of mind and your economic stability are important to us.  We recognize that our clients are real people who deserves someone by their side who is really willing to help.

Marriage can create complex financial situations and a clean dissolution requires great attention to detail, as well as knowledge of sometimes complex laws.

Our attorneys are zealous and compassionate and care about getting the best results for you.  We understand that making the transition as smooth as possible means really listening to your wants and needs and doing everything possible to facilitate a healthy and happy transition.  We understand that to be on a new path in life and build a bright future, you need a zealous advocate to look out for you and your financial well-being. To talk to a caring and zealous attorney about your rights, call Dalton Law Office, PLLC, at 360-213-0013.