Our Legal Team

Nicole T. Dalton, Lawyer

Nicole T. Dalton is a Washington native and is a resident of the local Southwest Washington area. She completed her undergraduate studies, magna cum laude, at Portland State University, and obtained her J.D., cum laude, from Lewis and Clark School of Law in Portland, Oregon.  Nicole is licensed to practice law in the State of Washington and is dedicated to providing caring representation and and fiercely defending the liberty and the rights of her clients.  Nicole handles personal injury matters and criminal defense.  She has aggressively defended hundreds of cases, is an experienced and skilled litigation and trial attorney, and loves fighting the good fight.

In matters of personal injury and loss, Nicole zealously seeks real compensation for her injured clients.  Nicole Dalton has a reputation for being a tough and unflinching opponent with top notch writing skills.

Nicole Dalton frequently drafts and files detailed, painstakingly researched, and cutting edge motions and is not afraid to use her strong research and writing skills to take on the status quo.  An active member of several professional organizations, Nicole has been a conference presenter for the Washington Defender Association and the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, is an active board member of our local non-profit professional organization, and is a member of the WSBA, WACDL, WDA, WSAJ, WWL, CDACC, and the Clark County Bar Assn.  Nicole actively pursues continuing education as the law is constantly changing and keeping on top of current case law and statutes is vital to providing exceptional legal representation.  Nicole has a great deal of experience and perspective based on her many years of experience in the legal field.  Nicole loves the outdoors, snow skiing, being on the water and with family and is fluent in the Spanish language.

Scott Roberts, Lawyer

Scott graduated cum laude from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in 2010 after earning his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating law school, Scott spent 10 years as a public defender in the California state courts providing vigorous and diligent, client-centered representation. His first 4 years were at the San Bernardino County Office of the Public Defender where he quickly progressed to handling felony cases, securing a not guilty verdict is in first felony trial, and soon after, the same result in his first life-exposure, Three-Strikes case. He relocated to the Sonoma County Public Defender’s Office where he continued to handle serious and complex felony cases, including two first-degree murder trials where neither client was convicted of the leading charge.

Scott relocated to the Pacific Northwest for family reasons and has transitioned to using his well-established skills in litigation, communication, and negotiation to help those experiencing a variety of family and interpersonal issues get high-quality legal representation from a compassionate advocate.

In addition to being deeply versed in intense, high-conflict litigation, Scott prides himself on being a guide and comfort to those who find themselves entangled in legal problems they never expected or prepared for. He knows his clients have come into his life because they need help and are often extremely overwhelmed. Scott takes the time and energy to break down often complex legal concepts and analysis to make sure his clients understand the landscape they are facing they best they can. In his career as a public defender, Scott was proudly a voice for the voiceless. As his work has shifted into other areas of law, he continues to work with integrity to ensure he is telling his client’s story in a way that is both persuasive and makes his client feel understood and fully represented.

Nicole Denver, Lawyer

Nicole Denver is a Vancouver, Washington native.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Washington and received her law degree from City University of New York School of Law.  In 2006, she was admitted to the bar of New York and the U. S. District Courts of the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York; and in 2017 to the bar of Washington State.

Nicole Denver started her legal career in New York practicing in the area of labor and employment law.  There she represented clients in discrimination and wage and hour cases in all aspects of civil litigation in both Federal and State Court.  In addition, she worked closely with community organizations to meet clients’ needs as well as bring awareness to worker’s rights.

Nicole focuses on her practice with Dalton Law Office, PLLC, on personal injury matters and strives to help our clients obtain the best recovery possible.  She is dedicated to working for the advancement of the rights and interests of individuals who are disadvantaged or have been hurt.  She has great attention to detail, stellar writing skills and has dedicated much of her career to fighting for the underdog.

Michael Trotter, Lawyer

Michael obtained his J.D. from Seattle U. School of Law, in 2015, after obtaining his M.B.A from Golden Gate University, and his B.S. in Biology from Willamette University.  He has much prior experience working in non-profits and is driven in promoting freedom.  Michael is passionate about criminal defense and focuses and zealously defending the accused in Southwest Washington.

Shellie Dalton, Lawyer

Shellie Dalton spent years in the corporate environment, handling legal, business and personnel matters subsequent to graduating from law school.  Over the last several years, Shellie has chosen to pursue the private practice of law and is focused on helping people who have suffered personal injuries.

Having a significant background in issues around work-related injuries, assisting those with personal injury claims was a natural way to focus her energies on helping the people in our community.  Shellie Dalton graduated with a degree in business from the University of Washington and received her J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law.  Her corporate background gives her a big picture understanding.  She is a whiz with numbers and has a superior ability to control and analyze mountains of paperwork.  Patient, caring and extremely detail oriented, Shellie Dalton is a zealous advocate for the “little guy” and has a brilliant command of the big picture.

A Washington native, Shellie is an amazing cook, practices and loves Karate, loves the outdoors and being on and near the water.  Shellie is our main presence in Pacific County, Washington, where she has made her home for many years. Shellie grew up on and around boats, having a commercial fisherman in the family.  She understands hard work and is never afraid to roll up her sleeves and put in the long hours it takes to get the job done.

Our Legal Support Staff

Our legal support staff provides invaluable support to the firm’s lawyers and helps clients navigate confusing and difficult times.  When you call, we won’t direct you to an answering service, you’ll get someone who actually works on your case – one of us.  We are thrilled to have skilled, experienced, and enthusiastic assistants to help us provide top notch legal services.

Our skilled support team allows us to provide constant, day-to-day and the detail-oriented attention needed to keep our clients well informed and in good hands is extremely bright and detail-oriented and works hard to keep our office running smoothly.  We have staff fluent in both English and Spanish, who are paralegal professionals with years of experience in several areas of law.  We emphasize building a caring, compassionate and united team.  We are a work family here and our team strives to help us give our clients all the support they need