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Pre-Nuptials, Cohabitation Agreements & Domestic Partnerships

When we choose to share our lives with a partner, the law may impose certain obligations or refuse to grant certain rights.  Hiring an attorney can be a very important step in protecting your rights and fulfilling your wishes.

Nothing is more exciting than entering a new relationship.  It can also be a very confusing process.  Very few people without legal training understand the legal implications of a marriage or cohabitation.  This is in part because of Washington's somewhat counter-intuitive community property laws.  

Washington law also makes some assumptions about what you would want done with you property if you don’t have a will and sometimes those laws can even trump your estate planning documents.  Drafting precise documents can help assure that your wishes will be respected in all events.  

Washington laws may dictate who will make decisions for you in case of illness, and it may not be the person you would want it to be.  In some circumstances, the law may also give partners certain rights that can trump your wishes or the rights of other family members.  Having carefully drafted legal documents that take these issues into account  is the path to having your wishes respected.

Taking the time to understand the implications of your new relationship on property, debt, your estate, your rights, and your family's rights can save much potential hassle and heartache down the road.  Protect yourself and your loved ones from default laws and other legal presumptions.  

When a romantic partnership ends, Washington law may also provide for property rights for a partner who feels she or he has been left out in the cold.  Getting a lawyer involved may help you obtain your fair share.  

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