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Some attorneys who handle personal injury cases rarely set foot in the courtroom.  Ms. Dalton is an experienced trial attorney and courtroom advocate and is not afraid to take on the fight for her clients.  Insurance companies know that a zealous and experienced courtroom advocate is a serious adversary and represents risk, which tends to make them more reasonable.  Ms. Dalton has years of experience in intensive litigation and has a strong background in negotiations.  Every case is different and poses unique challenges, but we take our clients’ well-being seriously and we’re not afraid to fight hard to defend our clients’ rights.  

Picking up the pieces of your life after an auto accident or other injury can be scary and difficult.  We are here to lend you the support you need and vigorously defend your rights.  We handle injury and accident matters such as:

The insurance industry does everything in its power to realize a huge profit margin and minimize what they have to pay out in compensation to injured parties.  Fortunately, Washington laws protect people who have been injured by the wrongful actions and negligence of others and lawyers like Ms. Dalton can use those laws to fight for fair compensation.  

Nothing can truly compensate for a debilitating injury or for the loss of a loved one.  Our legal system has decided that the only way to achieve justice for injured parties is to translate those losses into economic figures. After a serious loss, in the beginning, it can be really hard to measure the impact that the loss will have on a person’s life.  Unlike some lawyers, Ms. Dalton does not push her clients to take quick and easy, low-end settlements.  For injury cases, she takes the time and energy needed to work the case, works with medical providers and consults to really understand the injuries and the mechanism of those injuries, so that she can fully evaluate the situation and adequately estimate what the long-term impact on her clients will be.  When needed, we hire professional investigators and experts to help develop the facts and to help juries to understand and make the right decision, when needed.

No one wants to look back, a few years after an accident, and ask themselves why did they rush into settling when the pain, suffering and inconvenience had such a lasting impact.  Ms. Dalton personally understands the road to recovery from a serious accident and takes her client’s financial future and well being very seriously.  Ms. Dalton is an aggressive and detail-oriented litigation attorney with a track record of fighting hard for her clients.  Having a fighter in your corner maximizes your chance of being treated fairly and being justly compensated for your accident or loss.

Whether you’ve been injured by a careless driver, by unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, by an improperly kept or uncontrolled animal, or by people or companies that just don’t care, at the Dalton Law Office, PLLC, we are here to stand up for you.

In matters of personal injury and loss of life, we are usually willing to take cases on a contingency basis.  This means you only have to pay us attorney’s fees if we obtain compensation for your injuries or loss.  

We understand what it’s like to go through an accident and to have to deal with the ongoing pain.  We’re happy to stand up for you against powerful insurance companies and the other side.  We care about your health and comfort and want to give you a fighting chance.  Don’t let aggressive insurance adjusters bully you into settling your case for less than you deserve.  Before signing documents, making admissions or statements about the accident, or accepting any offers of compensation from an insurance adjuster, get solid legal advice.  

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We serve Southwest Washington cities and counties including Clark County, Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Battleground, Ridgefield, Stevenson, Kelso, Longview, Cowlitz County, Skamania County, Wahkiakum County and other areas.

Nicole T. Dalton

Experienced Trial Lawyer

Being the victim of an injury or automobile accident caused by others is painful and difficult. Having a compassionate and tough lawyer makes a big difference.

You deserve fair and adequate compensation for your injuries. We are zealous in our approach to personal injury cases and we are not afraid to fight for you.