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Being the victim of a slip and fall injury or automobile collision is painful and difficult.  Because you deserve fair and adequate compensation for your injuries, we are zealous in our approach and we’re not afraid to fight for you.

Dealing with insurance companies and parties at fault for your injuries can be stressful and very difficult for those without legal training.  At the Law Office of Nicole T. Dalton, PLLC, we know the process and we can take much of that weight off of your shoulders.  Some attorneys who handle personal injury cases rarely set foot in the courtroom.  Ms. Dalton is an experienced trial attorney and courtroom advocate and is not afraid to take on the fight for her clients.  Insurance companies know that a zealous and experienced courtroom advocate is a serious adversary and represents risk, which may make them more reasonable.  Ms. Dalton has years of experience in intensive litigation and has a strong background in negotiations.  Every case is different and poses unique challenges, but we take our clients’ well-being seriously and we’re not afraid to fight hard to defend our clients’ rights.   

Nicole Dalton has a reputation for being a fighter and taking a cutting edge and innovative approach to defending her clients.  In matters of personal injury and loss of life, we are usually willing to take cases on a contingency basis.  This means you only have to pay us attorney’s fees if we obtain compensation for your injuries or loss.  We understand what it’s like to go through an accident and to have to deal with the ongoing pain.  We’re happy to stand up for you against powerful insurance companies and the other side. We care about your health and comfort and want to give you a fighting chance. Don’t let aggressive insurance adjusters bully you into settling your case for less than you deserve.

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Experienced and compassionate trial lawyer, Ms. Dalton is a fearless advocate for the injuried.  

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