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Many people in Washington are now being arrested for driving under the influence of prescription drugs like Ambien, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, and even drugs like Wellbutrin and Zoloft, or drugs like marijuana, sometimes in combination with alcohol or other drugs and sometimes alone.  One little pill can give rise to a real life nightmare.

These cases present special challenges and not all attorneys are equipped to handle the atypical scientific and legal issues related to legal and illegal drugs.  Although Washington law is very specific as to the amount of alcohol that would definitively constitute intoxication (the “legal limit” of .08), Washington law is much less specific when it comes to drugs.  In fact, Washington is one of very few states whose drug DUI laws do not define specific drugs that will form a basis for a DUI charge, nor does the law specify what level of prescription or non-prescription drugs in a person’s system would be considered a level sufficient to constitute intoxication.  This is typically left up to the Washington State Patrol’s toxicology lab scientists who may rely on biased studies to form their conclusions.

The vagueness of Washington’s drug DUI laws also give rise to potential constitutional and other legal problems. We aggressively litigate these cutting edge issues.  We emphasize using motions to strive for better outcomes in DUI cases.  These motions may involve issues relating to the evidence that may be used, how information may or may not be presented to the jury, and even whether parts of the laws are even constitutional.

At the Law Office of Nicole T. Dalton, PLLC, we are concerned and willing to fight to protect clients from unfair or vague laws and arbitrary imposition of those laws on people and their loved ones.


Ambien and Other Drug DUI Charges