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Divorce with Children and Custody Issues

When you have children and are facing separation or divorce, or you need help with custody, visitation, or support issues we are here to help you build a strong and happy future for yourself and your children.

Separation and divorce with children can be one of the most painful and difficult situations a person can face.  We understand our clients’ love for their children and their need to move on in life and create a healthy and fulfilling future for themselves and their children.  At the Dalton Law Office we know that good communication with our clients, understanding, and compassion for their situation goes a long way in helping the client through a difficult process.  We also know that sometimes the other parent, or the other parent’s counsel can be unreasonable and unrealistic and we are not afraid to fight hard for the right results.

We know that it can be difficult to balance your serious concern for the well-being of your children, your rights as a parent, and financial survival in this difficult economy.  When family units break up, we work hard to help our clients find a path to putting together a workable and happier future.  Whether the two parents are looking for an amicable, cooperative dissolution or whether our client is faced with dealing with an unreasonable and combative co-parent, our attorneys work to use the approach that you need to achieve the best results for your future and your children. Whether this means putting on the aggressive, courtroom fighter hat or working in a calm, cooperative way to achieve mutual goals and a fair result, our attorneys have the courtroom skills, compassion and flexibility to go either way.  Ms. Dalton is compassionate, hardworking and zealous in protecting the rights of her clients and their children.  The Dalton Law Office is dedicated to providing the zealous advocacy for parents and children in family law matters along with the compassion that our clients need.

We also realize that the sort of life changes brought about by a divorce or change of custody can have a huge impact on your pocket book.  We believe that a high level of legal services can be provided at reasonable rates and without creating unnecessary conflict.  At the Dalton Law Office, we understand that minimizing emotional and financial stress is important.  We strive to be as efficient as possible in delivering superior legal services while working to avoid expensive, unnecessary conflict, whenever possible.  Call us now at 360-213-0013.